E-commerce solutions are a necessity for all products or services on websites online. It is the procedure which finely describes the customer-company relationship while marketing (buying or selling) the goods and services over electronic systems such as the Internet as well other computer networks. Primarily it originated as the perfect medium for exchanging the documents (during 1948–49 Berlin cordon and airlift) but later it gained much recognition in this age of Internet.

Typically E-commerce services bases upon the technologies like supply chain administration, electronic fund transfer, inventory management, internet marketing, automated collection of information, online processing of transaction, and EDI or electronic data exchange, etc.

Modern day E-commerce solutions even engages itself along some of the wider technologies which can include e-mail, telephones, mobile devices as well as online facilities in its transaction cycle. When each and everything is there on the Internet, products and services websites’ gain perfect assistance with the perfection of e-commerce technologies which assures the sales aspects in e-business. At Web Wiz One, we deliver simple exchange of information facilitating the payment and financing aspects that lead in your business transactions.

Our E-commerce solutions are divided into

  • Usage or assembling of demographic information from web contacts
  • Security over commerce deals or transactions
  • B2B buying or selling procedure
  • B2B data exchange for the procedure of EDI or Electronic Data Interchange
  • Virtual mall or storefronts for website’s online -product or services catalog.

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