Graphic Design

Our team of web professionals use their expertise to create graphics design and cater to other design requirements of our clients.

With graphic design you can be rest assured that your website will not only be technically sound but also well designed. Most of our development team are trained graphic designers apart from being qualified software developers and web engineers. This core design skill set also allows us as a company to offer a diverse range of graphic design services.

If your organisation or business needs a professional folder, brochure, advert or business card to leave with customers, have available in waiting areas or to send to clients in the post, then our tailored graphic design is ideal.

We can design your folder / brochure and have it delivered to your door within your deadlines. We can get great rates with local printers throughout the UK who can print and supply your new business brochures, cards on time.

Adobe Photoshop is the most commonly used and known software for graphic designing. It has various powerful implications, tools and application with features, plug-ins and add-ons for designing, modifying or cropping an image or create a unique design. It is an excellent software for designing with the latest graphics and designs with the perfect visual effects.

Our team of designers at Web Wiz One use this software extensively for designing graphics and other related works. Photoshop plays an instrumental role in creating the desired graphics for our projects which includes images, pictures, photo processing and visual effects for creating the end design.

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